April 17th

The ‘A’ word that dare not be spoken

That’ll be A for Advertising. As in Native Advertising, which former Buzzfeed writer Mark Duffy rails against in light of the recent Buzzfeed disappearing articles snafu.

But hasn’t this generation already figured out that brands have all the “hand” in this relationship and that brand hand strength is only going to increase?

Advertisers pressuring editorial is not a new paradigm. Print publications were grappling with it long before Buzzfeed was a thing. What’s arguably changed post-Buzzfeed is that the amount of worthless lifestyle fluff and pointless opinionating that’s published has increased exponentially, making conflict between editorial and brand advertisers far more likely.

I’m no great fan of native advertising, but I’d be happy to see half the editorial fluff blow away. Problem is, they’re locked in a depressing sort of symbiosis as advertisers demand clicks that only fluff seems able to generate in enough volume.