August 4th

Scottish fingers are a little less inky

Shocking news from north of the border — fewer Scots read dead-tree newspapers now than at the turn of the millennium. Could this lead to a shortage of newsprint to wrap fish’n’chips? Probably not.

According to the Scottish Social Attitudes survey, only 41% of Scots regularly read at least one daily newspaper compared to 76% in 1999. Not surprisingly, there’s a link between income and who reads their news online instead of in print:

42 per cent of those from the least deprived areas read news online at least once a day – compared with 23 per cent in the most deprived areas

The trend is clear. The data less so. Another survey last year suggests there’s a slower decline in the prevalence of newsprint-stained fingers. The National Readership Survey found that 71% of British adults and 75% of Scots still read printed newspapers.