July 29th

Poopayee bee do bee do bee do tulaliloo

I occasionally build websites and often used Lorem Ipsum filler text on pages still awaiting final copy. This sometimes confuses clients who are not well versed in the baffling genius of rambling Latin blurb, so I took to using other random text generators that at least give me something in English.

There are many of them. Corporate Ipsum is my current favorite, but it might soon be usurped by this fabulous new generator of utter incoherence — Minion Ipsum, inspired by the babbling little yellow creatures from the movie Minions.

Minions ipsum bappleees para tú baboiii butt bananaaaa gelatooo wiiiii uuuhhh. Bappleees aaaaaah la bodaaa para tú tatata bala tu po kass pepete me want bananaaa!